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PAX West Fortnite Summer Skirmish Winner!

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Austin Etue, aka “Morgausse,” the recent winner of PAX West Fortnite Summer Skirmish and $250,000 in prize money, is no stranger to PC Gaming or the Esports scene.  In fact, it would seem Morgausse has worked his whole life to get to this place.  At six months old, you would find him sitting with his dad banging on the keyboard in an intense game of Starcraft, and at the tender age of six, Morgausse was profiled in an editorial for Computer Gaming Magazine which highlighted the educational benefits of role play games; his reading proficiency increased four grade levels in a single summer of weeding through the quests in World of Warcraft.


Morgausse grew up in a household where PC games were not just a hobby, but a way of life.  Instead of playing catch in the front yard, he and “Dadgausse” were bonding over guild raids, complex quests and discussions about the strategies of Starcraft.  Morgausse cut his teeth on the quests and strategies of role-play gaming, but it was the realm of first person shooters and player vs. player that really brought him into a league of his own.  From Call of Duty to H1Z1 and PUBG, it was the Battle Royale that provided the medium for Morgausse to shine.  However, Fortnite ultimately gave Morgausse the means to show the Esports world what he really had to offer.


Partnering with Twitch and grinding day after day to appeal to his base and hone the skills needed to stay on top, Morgausse is committed to taking his dream to the next level.  His only goal? To Be the Best and Play with the Best.  There is no doubt the Summer Skirmish changed Morgausse’s life forever, but keep an eye on him because as Esports is ushered into the mainstream, he’s bound to show up on your radar.

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